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4 things travel has taught me

‘Oh darling, let’s be adventurers’

It’s funny to think that a few years ago, holidays were my WORST nightmare. Especially if planes were involved. I was scared of going outside my comfort zone, going somewhere new and different, scared I wouldn’t be able to communicate or that something would happen when I’m far away from home.

Three years ago, I got hypnotherapy for my fear of flying and since then, there’s been no stopping me! The more I’ve travelled, the more I’ve realised what I was missing out on before. The more I realised that half my fears were irrational and pointless. I let fear hold me back, stopping me from experiencing new things and new places, stopping me from exploring the world. Fast forward to now and I’m wishing for a Lotto win so I can spend my days hopping from place to place 😂 But until then, I’ll settle for a few short breaks a year (if my bank balance will allow it…or even if it doesn’t!)


I love a comfort zone. I love a routine. I love my bubble. I know everything and everyone, I know where I’m going or what to eat or what to do. But, there really is nothing like leaving your comfort zone and putting yourself out there. I’ve started to crave that feeling of when you come back after exploring somewhere new – that feeling of excitement, contentment, of wanting to see more of the world, wanting to hop straight back on that plane or plan another trip. You don’t get that buzz from sitting at home!


Learning about new cultures can not only be liberating but can also give you a completely new take on life. After visiting Prague, I was overwhelmed by the friendliness of strangers. Prague was such a welcoming, friendly city with some of the warmest people I’ve ever met. After visiting Italy for the first time, I noticed their slower pace of life. The way they take their time at meals, they don’t rush. They spend time in each other’s company. Our Airbnb host arrived early on our last day and instead of trying to get rid of us or hurry us, he happily sat on the doorstep in the sunshine. WHY AREN’T WE LIKE THAT?! I feel I learn so much more about life just from experiencing a new culture, and I like to try and bring a little piece of it back with me. 


Some of my most amazing and hilarious memories have come from travelling. From breath-taking views and learning something new, to capturing amazing photos and laughing with the people you love until your belly hurts. I’ve even had a few hairy moments that I can look back and laugh at now (like getting blown out to sea on a paddleboard and being rescued by a Spanish family on a yacht! Ahh, such fun). The memories I’ve made exploring new places have easily been some my favourite memories, and I hope to make many more.


Isn’t it funny when you think about the small things we often worry about? The little things that irritate us? Before I went to Venice I was stressing about the smallest and most pointless things, but they felt like a big deal at the time. Coming back from holiday I realised that actually, in the grand scheme of things, none of it mattered and I’m both lucky and grateful for what I have.

Exploring new places and seeing how other people live can be a real eye-opener and it can put everything in perspective. Sometimes you just need to take a step back to see what’s really important. And sometimes you just need to let loose, have a little fun and treat yourself! Life can be tough, it can be fast-paced (in the UK anyway) and there are always pressures, whether you’re at work or at school. Sometimes you need to take some time out, explore, and do you. I can also vouch for the fact that a few days without TV and less time on social media is so, so good for the soul. And that’s coming from a gal who’s always glued to her phone! (Although that’s partly due to working in digital marketing – that’s my excuse, anyway). 

So if you’re thinking about seeing the world, DO IT. Get out there. It’s amazing how cheap you can do things these days with budget airlines, going out of season or flying at anti-social times, cheap hotel deals and Airbnb can work out pretty cheap if there’s a group of you.

Here’s to many more trips, many more life lessons, experiences and forever complaining about how skint I am!

Katie x


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