5 things that happen when you love your job

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First off, this isn’t a gloaty ‘look at me I love my job’ post. Although, I do love my job. Quite a bit. That said, I do know what it’s like to not love your job. To be somewhere that isn’t for you, or doesn’t align with your career aspirations, isn’t your kind of working environment, or is simply not what you expected. I get it. If that’s you, then you need to take the plunge and find a job you love, because my word, it makes such a difference to your life. Trust me.

  1. Stress is replaced by passion

My new role is busy. Like, BUSY. Sometimes I’m so engrossed in what I’m doing, I find myself jiggling around like a maniac because I need a wee. Or I realise I should have started lunch 20 minutes ago. Or, usually the case, my tea has gone cold. Wah. But I love being busy and this constant busyness doesn’t equate to stress, like it often does when you’re in a job you hate. It’s actually more passion. Striving to achieve something, to get something finished on time, or to create something bigger and better than before. To outdo yourself, to make yourself and your team proud, to make someone else’s day that bit better or to feel that fulfilment. You don’t get that if your heart isn’t in it. And that feeling of loving what you do, of being passionate about your job…that’s pretty blooming awesome.

  1. Your health will (likely) improve

Now I’m not on about every illness or potential health problem you may have, some health issues cannot be fixed by a better job and will obvs need a doctor, but your overall health and wellbeing could get a boost. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health guys and girls, and don’t let anyone tell you any different. Looking after your mind and wellbeing will also help you look after your body. And they say stress is the silent killer for a reason. The way I look at it is you’re in work for most of your waking hours so you might as well enjoy what you do! I suffer from IBS (not severely, I might add. I’m one of the lucky ones) and since being in my new job, I actually haven’t had a single flare up. Sometimes it’s hard to notice or acknowledge stress but don’t take these things lightly, your mind matters.

  1. You can sleep on a Sunday! Woo!

I think we’ve all been there, right? The Sunday Night Dread. Sounds like a terrible band, doesn’t it! That feeling that keeps you awake, staring at the ceiling, wondering if you happened to drink 50 cups of coffee without knowing, watching the darkness of night become dawn and feeling like you haven’t had a wink of sleep. That feeling of being so flipping awake even though a few hours before bed you were yawning your head off. I used to get this a lot. These days, Sundays are a completely different story for me. I spend my time relaxing, walking, reading a book and cleaning the house (adult life, eh!), seeing friends/family, as opposed to worrying or dreading the next day. I really feel like I get a much better quality, fulfilled weekend than I used to. And hey, we only get a two-day weekend so we might as well make the most of it! (Although if anyone wants to make it a three day weekend, I certainly won’t complain…)

  1. You stop focusing on the little things

You stop worrying that you only have four hours in the evening to yourself, and start thinking about how you want to spend those hours. Eating, socialising, exercising, catching up with friends and family, sitting with your head in a book, watching all of the box sets, eating (sorry, did I mention eating?) – your evenings open right up and become more about enjoyment than desperately finding ways to destress or worrying about tomorrow. I actually used to count the hours down to bed every evening, constantly clockwatching.

  1. Your friends and family will notice

I’ve had a few comments about how happy I am (I was going to say how happy I look, but I have serious RBF – Resting Bitch Face – so maybe not!) My mum, dad, brother, boyfriend, friends have all noticed a complete u-turn in my attitude. Which does make me wonder how much of a grouch I was…To tell you the truth, in my natural state, I’m a fairly chilled and content person. I lark around, like to have a laugh (usually at myself) and spend most of my days feeling pretty a-ok with life. And I lost that for a little while. There was a period of time where I actually thought I was meant to feel tense, snappy and wound up. It’s not until I took a step back and realised that’s not me. I’ll be honest, it took a while to get back to my usual self but I’m currently feeling the best I’ve ever felt. And I know that life might decide to throw another tantrum at some point, but for now, I plan on enjoying every second of it.

I guess the moral of this rather long post (sorry!) is, if you’re unhappy, do something about it. I know it can be scary, I get it, but sometimes we have to do what’s best for ourselves and only we are in control of our own happiness – no one else. My mama has always used the phrase ‘put up or shut up’…meaning take action or quietly get on with it. And I’ve never been particularly good at the latter – well, the being quiet part anyway!

Katie x