Summer playsuit

Hiya! I see you’ve found my little slice of the internet. Welcome. My name is Katie and I blog here at Salt and Teal. I’m a 30 year old digital marketer by day and a self-confessed box set binger by night.

I live in Suffolk with my husband and my baby, who was born in 2020 (yep, in the middle of the pandemic!) I love beach days, long walks, a bit of paddle boarding when the weather and time allows, seeing friends, flavoured gin, good food and exploring new places. (Corr, that sounds like a really bad dating profile doesn’t it 😂)

The name Salt and Teal gives a nod to living by the coast and my incessant need to post beaches or blue sky pics on Instagram. Cannot. Help. Myself.

This is my little spot for all things food, travel and lifestyle. I’ll occasionally feature, when I’m wearing something photographable! (Which let me tell you, isn’t very often these days. Thank lockdown for lowering my standards).

So grab a cuppa and make yourself at home. If you fancy fancy a chat, come and find me on Twitter and Instagram…I promise I do talk some sense every now and then. Or drop me an email at seekingsundayblog@gmail.com.

Chat soon!

Katie x