Summer playsuit

Hiya! I see you’ve found my little slice of the internet. Welcome to Seeking Sunday. I’m Katie, a 28 year old Digital Marketer by day and a blogger/self-confessed boxset binger by night.

If you’re a regular reader, you might have noticed things have changed around here. Having been blogging for yonks, I decided on a little name change. I felt that my original blog name no longer reflected my content or me as a person, both of which have changed a lot of the last 6-7 years (corr, that makes me feel old). So I have bid farewell to The Stylinguist.  

Seeking Sunday is less of a tongue twister than my previous blog name and represents the love I have for one of my favourite days of the week. I bloody love a Sunday. You can get away with doing literally anything. Want to stay in your PJ’s? Totally acceptable. Have a midday bath? Go for it. Watch back-to-back Harry Potter films? Yes, sir.

Sunday’s mean slap up meals (aka the remainder of last night’s takeaway), brunches and roast dinners. Sunday’s are sunbathing in the garden or cosying up on the sofa. A Pimms in the sun or a cuppa in bed. Basically, Sunday’s are the bees-bloody-knees. 

This is my place for all things food, travel and lifestyle, with a little bit of fashion thrown in for good measure/when I’m wearing something photographable. So grab a cuppa and make yourself at home. If you fancy fancy a chat, come and find me on Twitter and Instagram…I promise I do talk some sense every now and then. Or drop me an email at seekingsundayblog@gmail.com.

Chat soon!

Katie x