Bumble and bumble surf set review

Image of Bumble and bumble surf set

The weather this weekend was absolutely incredible for the start of April; we spent Sunday afternoon sat in our garden soaking up the spring sunshine which was bliss. This spring weather has really got me in the mood for beaches, holidays and messy beach hair, so I was over the moon when I was bought the Bumble and bumble surf set for my birthday! I’ve had my eye on this brand for ages, having heard good things about their salt spray. To put things in to perspective for you – my hair is a natural mess. A bedhead of waves and fluffiness. Which I fully embrace on holiday, because who has the time/can withstand the heat of straighteners or a curling wand?! But most of time time, I spend my mornings trying to tame it so I don’t look like I’ve just rolled out of bed.

The first thing I tried was the Bumble and bumble surf spray and I could hardly contain my excitement. I absolutely love it, it enhances natural waves and slightly tames the fluffy state of my hair. It’s also not too crispy either, which I’ve experienced with previous salt sprays. The scent isn’t overly perfumed, which is fine by me! I tried it on towel dried hair and left it to air dry (which can usually go either way for me – I either end up with half decent natural waves or resembling a poodle. Luckily the surf spray did a good job of taming my wild mane). If you don’t have natural waves, try twisting sections of your hair and spray over them again, or section your hair in to several buns and pin to your head, spraying over them again and allowing to dry.

Next up, I tried the Bumble and bumble foam wash shampoo and the creme rinse conditioner which did not disappoint! They have a really gentle, fresh scent – nothing overpowering. The shampoo lathers up nicely, which is pretty amazing considering my house has hard water and it’s tough work to get anything to lather up! The conditioner is true to its description as it left my hair feeling so soft but it definitely had some texture to it. These products are definitely going to be part of my spring/summer haircare routine – washing my hair twice with the shampoo, using the conditioner on the mid lengths and ends, and then spritzing all over with the surf spray after giving my hair a quick towel dry.

I also want to have a little rave about how cute these diddy bottles are – they’re the perfect size for hand luggage and will definitely be coming with me to Valencia in a few weeks! I now have my eye on some more Bumble and bumble products including the surf infusion spray, texture creme and their Bb.Curl goodies! Has anyone tried them?

Katie x


P.S. Totally should’ve done a before and after! Der. I’ll upload some snaps on here and on Instagram when I next do my hair – or let me know if you’d prefer a tutorial 🙂