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When it doesn’t go to plan

This outfit shoot got me thinking about a lot of things. 1) When it doesn’t go to plan, embrace it. Not just for photos, but in life in general. 2) Some of the best opportunities in life come when you’re not looking for them. And 3) why the hell do I bother with outfit shoots in Lincolnshire when there are gale force winds 24/7?

These photos were taken on a last minute trip from Essex/Suffolk to Lincolnshire to see my parents, en route to Yorkshire to see some of Nath’s family. We were there for less than 24 hours and having been sat in the car for ages, my parents took us out for a walk. It was hella windy – no change there. Nathan pointed at a crumbling wall in the middle of a field and said ‘blog shoot location?’ (He’s put up with years of outfit shoots and has become quite the location scout!) I realised I hadn’t got my camera with me, I hadn’t done my hair and my make up melted off hours ago…plus I was definitely going to get blown off that wall and there was mud everywhere. I handed Nath my iPhone 7 Plus to give it a try and he shot in ‘portrait’ mode…they’re not too shabby, are they?! I feel like such a granny because I’m constantly amazed by evolving technology – I actually managed to get some blog pics on my MOBILE PHONE, GUYS. What is this sorcery.

Tres Bien New Look Jumper | Oasis Jade Jeans | Timberland boots via Office

I wish I could say the result is me looking glamorously chic and windswept, but I genuinely look like I’m about to have a Mary Poppins moment and take off. I dithered about posting these photos but I think we’ve got so used to a society where everything has to be perfect. We’re all perfectionists – photos need to be set up, the location has to be on point, make up flawless, hair in place and poses practiced. It looks good, it gets engagement, it’s what people want to see and it’s what we want to portray. It’s ‘Instagrammable’. It’s basically staged reality. And I’m so guilty of this, especially on Instagram, but there’s something about the photos we took for this post. As daft as I look, they feel way more natural and more me. I’m laughing my head off, clinging on to a dirty wall in gale force winds, while a muddy spaniel bounds over to try and join me with its owners legging after it shouting their apologies and my parents watching on and laughing at the whole scenario. So that’s why I’m sharing these photos – aaaand maybe because I haven’t debuted my new Timberlands on the blog yet. Meet my new babies. I’m never, ever taking them off.

So wrapping this post up, I’ve never been particularly good at going with the flow. I’m a planner, through and through. I write lists ALL. THE. TIME. (Please tell me I’m not alone in this?) But I’m learning to be a bit more spontaneous, to embrace life when it doesn’t go to plan, to be a bit more me. Life is short, guys and girls. And on that cheery note, I have a chicken sandwich and a pack of Bugles calling my name.

Until next time.

Katie x