Five boxsets I’m loving

With the evenings getting darker and the weather on the turn, I’m almost in full hermit mode. Almost. Anyone who knows me will know I hate winter as a) my feet will be constantly cold for at least the next five months meaning Nathan will get a strop on when I put my toes on his calves in the middle of the night (how inconsiderate of him?!) and b) it gets so dark I forget what daylight is and I become so pale I’m almost translucent. Yay. Exciting times.

The only plus side is I feel less guilty about cosy nights on the sofa as I’m not missing out on late summery nights out or drinking in the sunshine. So Netflix and a sharer pack of Caramel Nibbles it is! (And no, I don’t share them). Here’s a round up of what I’m watching if, like me, you plan on being a hermit on the sofa for the rest of the season.

1. Limitless (Netflix)

It’s safe to say I didn’t really want to start this series as I thought it was just going to be a remake of the film, but I was wrong. The series is actually set after the film with a different main character (don’t worry ladies, Bradley Cooper and his wonderful blue eyes still make an appearance) and a new narrative. We’re almost halfway through season one and I’m pretty hooked. I won’t go in to the storyline too much as I don’t want to ruin it and hey, I’m extraordinarily good at blabbing accidental spoilers so we better quit while we’re ahead. Basically it’s a good, fast-paced TV drama if that sounds like your kinda thing.

2. The Night Manager (Amazon Prime)

Oh. My. God. What a series. I missed this the first time round when it aired on the BBC but luckily Amazon Prime have the boxset and needless to say, we absolutely binged it. I didn’t really know what it was before we watched it, but all I’ll say is it’s an epic drama. Tom Hiddleston was brilliant and not just because of how dashing he looks in a tailored suit. Although even my fiance remarked ‘he’s a handsome chap, isn’t he!’ Yes, yes he is. But he plays his character really well, the series is full of mystery and there are plenty of on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments. It has a great cast – Olivia Coleman is flipping brilliant too and plays a strong, fierce lady who takes no absolutely no s***. Love it. I just hope they don’t bring out another season as I think they could ruin it!

3. Casual (Amazon Prime)

We’ve been watching this for a while now and just finished the most recent series. We stumbled across it when we had a moment of horror after realising we had nothing to watch! It’s a funny and slightly controversial comedy-drama, the characters are totally imperfect which makes it even better and there are certainly enough cringe moments to give you a toe curl here and there. But it has its serious and ‘life lesson’ moments too. Overall, it’s an easy, feel-good watch which is perfect when you want something to chill with.

4. Gaga: Five Foot Two (Netflix)

Okay, not a boxset but still a good watch. We watched this in Prague one evening after a day of exploring, as you do. I’ve always respected Lady Gaga and how talented she is, but the documentary was incredibly open, honest and eye-opening. From dealing with chronic pain and mental health, to chilling with no make up on and jamming with Mark Ronson, it was great to see Gaga ‘behind-the-scenes’ in her natural habitat and it made me respect her even more. It’s insane how hard she works and how much love she has for her fans, the demons and challenges she has to deal with and the fact that she can’t park her truck to save her life 😂 great documentary, would definitely recommend it.

5. Shooter – season one (Netflix)

So it appears most of my choices are very drama/action/thriller but a) I do kind of like those programmes and b) I live with a boy who did nothing but eye roll all the way through Riverdale so…action/drama it is then! This is another series based on a film and once again, I was bit unsure how it would play out. Ryan Phillippe features as the main character and without sounding like a creeper, as I realise I probably have for most of this post, he really does quite pull off the whole ‘tight t-shirt wearing I’ll save the day Alpha male’. You’re welcome. Aside from that, the plot is really good. I didn’t expect it to be so different to the film, it was action-packed, fast paced and full of twists and turns. Expect to binge watch.

I could babble on forever about boxsets and what I’m watching as it turns out as soon as summer disappears, so does my social life…but I’ll leave you with my top five now! Have you watched any of these? Also if you have any recommendations I am ALL ears, because a gal can never have too many boxsets, who’s with me?

Katie x