How I overcame my fear of flying

April 2015: So I’m off to France in a couple of weeks for a very last minute trip with my mama for some girl time. I’m pretty excited even though we only have 3 days there, especially as I finally get to see if my flying hypnosis has worked! Most people won’t know that I’m fairly terrified of flying. It’s something I wouldn’t normally chat about unless with family, friends or my work lot. I’m not bad enough that I would never get on a plane as I would never see any of the world (or get a tan!) Instead, I spend hours, days, weeks stressing out about a flight and knacker myself out beyond belief. I usually spend at least the first day on holiday sleeping to get back to normal and even then I look like something that’s stepped straight out of The Walking Dead. It’s a fairly common fear, albeit pretty irrational and definitely one that isn’t easy to overcome on your own.

SO, trying to cut a long story short, I went for two hypnosis sessions where we figured out the root of the problem (a very bumpy first flight aged 11), altered the memory and used hypnosis and EMI (eye moment integration) to change my perception of flying and turn the negatives into positives. I was pretty skeptical and uncertain but after the first session I already noticed a difference; being much calmer in myself when thinking about flying and the possibilities. The hypnosis isn’t the creepy stuff you see Derren Brown do on TV, it’s actually a very light trance and you’re totally aware of everything around you. So you won’t be turned into a chicken or made to perform under a spotlight on stage! After the second session, I received a hypnosis recording which I’m listening to every night before I go.

I actually feel excited and way more focused on my holiday than the plane journey. I’m finding it much easier to rationalise flying and I’ve spent every day dreaming of French food and sunshine. Obviously I won’t know how much this has worked until I set foot on the plane but if it’s made this much of a difference already, I have high hopes. Now I just have the task of fitting all my outfit choices into a backpack for hand luggage. Any tips? PLEASE. SEND. HELP.

Update: it’s official. I am 100% over my fear of flying. Since my hypnosis I’ve been on SIX WHOLE FLIGHTS within the last year. I’ve visited 3 different countries and have made so many amazing memories including my first ski trip and kayaking round the caves in Portugal. Over the years, I allowed my fear to hold me back and while I still went on holiday, I would only go once a year and if any other opportunities came up I’d find a reason not to go. Or I’d be that person being dragged on to the plane screaming WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE! (I’m not kidding). So, moral of the story is, hypnosis does work, it does take some effort from you to keep practicing the relaxation techniques but my word, it’s pretty life-changing.

Katie x