Go Outdoors – the review

Image of Go Outdoors yellow raincoat

I was kindly invited along to the new Go Outdoors in Ipswich for a mooch around and to pick up some goodies! I’ve been to Go Outdoors a few times in the past to pick up airbeds, backpacks, picnic stuff – but I didn’t quite realise how much they sell. Their shops are usually pretty big and spacious and stock everything from tents, camping equipment and bikes to clothing, fitness gear and shoes. I think Go Outdoors has always been associated with being quite a practical ‘outdoorsy’ type of shop where you go to get your camping equipment and walking boots (they still supply all of this!) but they definitely have a lifestyle feel now with their fitness, clothing and outdoor ranges.

Image of yellow raincoat

As soon as I stepped foot in the door, I spotted a bright yellow raincoat with my name written ALL over it. It was love at first sight and it wasn’t far off the Topshop version that I missed out on last year! Looking around the clothing, I soon realised that whilst a lot of it is ‘outdoorsy’ there were so many bold colours, fun prints and patterns – perfect for festivals and our temperamental British summer. I also spotted a cute striped dress, Oakley sunglasses (hello) and I got my hands on a sun hat – finally. I’ll be honest, I always feel like a bit of a div in a hat, possibly something to do with having a pea-head, but this one got the boyfriend’s nod of approval and it fits with the floppy summer hat trend this year (at £7 peeps. £7!!) It’s also worth mentioning that if you get a Go Outdoors membership card (currently free at the new Ipswich store!) you get discount across all products. And we all know how much I love a bit of discount.

Image of Go Outdoors floppy hat

Jess and Jake gave us the full guided tour of the shop – kudos to these guys as they clearly knew their stuff! Jake was like a walking encyclopaedia and Jess had such a fun, friendly vibe that I can see why customers come back here. I also found out that at Go Outdoors, you can bring your dog in! I KNOW RIGHT. I did a quick scout of the shop but sadly there were no doggies there at the time. I’ve promised to return with my army of sausage dogs once I get them (well, we can dream).

If you’re heading off to a festival this summer, I would recommend having a snoop in Go Outdoors. They have loads of tents including bright colours and patterns so you can spot yours a mile away, not forgetting they also stock a tepee! If that doesn’t scream festival, I don’t know what does. Everything in Go Outdoors spans across a range of budgets too whether you’re looking to save or splurge. There are also plenty of backpacks, cute wellies and rain macs – because what more do you need for a festival in the UK! (Glastonbury, I’m looking at you).

Image of Go Outdoors adventure slogan

The fitness range is small but mighty, stocking everything you could possibly need in terms of athleisure wear, trainers and a multitude of brands from the cheap and cheerful to the expensive pro-running type! I spotted a few well-known brands, including Nike, for pretty decent prices and in all variations of colour (because if you can’t go bold when you’re working out…when can you?) There’s also loads of cycling gear, plenty of bikes to choose from including professional and budget for adults and kids (of course, I had my eye on the cute one with a basket on the front – perfect for sausage dogs, am I right?) and if you’re planning on going travelling this year, there are plenty of tents, sleeping bags and a range of equipment for all budgets.

Image of Go Outdoors bike

To be honest, I was a bit overwhelmed by how much Go Outdoors stocks – it was like stepping in to Mary Poppins handbag! Minus the kitchen sink. Thanks again to Jake and Jess and thanks for having me Go Outdoors…if you need me, I’ll be prancing around in my yellow raincoat.

Katie x

*This post is in collaboration with Go Outdoors, but as usual, all opinions and ramblings are my own!