Holiday Lookbook part two: Paisley Print

Image of blue pattern playsuit

It’s a Monday, I have the holiday blues and it’s chuffing raining. I should be feeling pretty down in the dumps, right? But actually, I’m feeling fired up, switched on, well rested and hella grateful. I came back to a job that I genuinely love (well, maybe not coming back to 350 emails *cries* BUT the rest of it is great), a little house that is our own, our own bed (as much as I love going away I always miss our bed!) and some amazing memories from our holiday.

Image of holiday lookbook playsuit

Missguided playsuit | River Island bag sold out (similar here) | New Look sandals

Summer playsuit

Sometimes, you have to get a little perspective on life and take a step back to appreciate every little thing. It’s so easy to become oblivious to the good things in life – like our families, our health, our friends. We often forget how damn good we have it. I guess it’s easier to think about the negative things in life, things that are causing you stress or things that you want to improve, that we often overlook what matters, or who matters. I’m feeling pretty grateful that I got to spend time with my family (I don’t see much of them after moving 100 miles away 3 years ago) so spending time with them and in such a lovely place as well has made me a very happy lady!

Nathan and I also got some quality time together. He’s a real life Dora the Explorer (or nicknamed Fidget by my mama because he doesn’t sit still!) and he pushes me to experience things that I could easily back down from. Things that result in the most amazing memories. We had a road trip to Lisbon, walked miles upon miles, we explored caves in our flip flops, scooted round a terrifying sheer drop, went on a speedboat in to the tiniest caves EVER. (For reference – I hate tiny boats. But it was so worth it!)

Image of holiday outfit

So tonight, whilst I sit here curled up on the sofa reliving our holiday through the 600 (yes, you read that right, 600!) photos I took, while the rain hammers down and the air turns cool, I’m feeling nothing but grateful and content. And if I can hang on to those feelings every day for the rest of my life, I reckon I’ll be the most content, chilled gal ever. However, I’m also aware that in about three minutes I’ll be hangry… 🙄

Hope you’re having a good start to the week! I’ll post a Portugal/Lisbon travel guide soon, guys and girls. Also, hope you like the outfit. My brother said I looked like a Wetherspoons plate…

Katie x