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So. Many. Ice. Puns. I’ve tried to keep them to a minimum but we’ll see what happens. To celebrate their 10th anniversary, ICEBAR LONDON created a brand new theme – rock. I was invited along to the sneak peek last night which was pretty awesome (thanks to Chloe Nelkin Consulting for the invite). The theme changes once a year, going bigger and bolder every time. I hadn’t been before so wasn’t sure what to expect apart from the cold! The bar itself is a toasty -5 degrees but the cape and mittens (and whiskey cocktail…) helped with that.

(Single image above copyright Peter Kindersley)

The level of detailing and contouring on the ice sculptures was insane. The sculptures were much heavier than I thought, thank God, so it was pretty hard to knock anything over or worry about destroying the place with my massive handbag. The rock theme included plenty of ice studding, skulls, guitars, rockers and a Throne of Rock, as well as your very own ice glass. Definitely one way to keep your champers cold.

It’s such a cool atmosphere (literally) and everything from the bar to tables are made of ice shipped over from Sweden. To add to the ‘rock vibes’ their cocktail list has been recreated with names such as Back In Black and November Rain gracing the menu. As someone who had never been before, I totally recommend checking this place out if you get the chance. It’s definitely an experience and not the sort you can have in any old bar. The perfect place to CHILL (there we go, had to get a pun in there somewhere).

Katie x