Christmas, homeware

It’s Christmaaaaas!

It’s nearly here! This is definitely one of my favourite times of year – mainly because of the decorations. They make home so much more cosy don’t they? This year I have my own little flat to decorate with my boyfriend. I get overexcited by home furnishings anyway so didn’t need much excuse to go a bit Christmas crazy. I think we decorated the tree in about 3 minutes flat – after we untangled the massive knot of lights (how do they get so tangled?!) We went for a real tree which I love…when we remember to water it. The heart door decoration is from a cute shop called Pavilion in Godalming.

Next have some amazing decorations so we stocked up on some red and white baubles for a traditional look. The gold baubles and pine cones are from Sainsburys (they had a price cut the other day so worth a look!) and my all-time favourite bauble, the snow globe, is from Pavilion in Godalming. 

How diddy is this mini poinsettia! We wanted something little to sit on the table and at £2 from Homebase this was ideal. Although with my track record of watering plants, it might be dead in a day or two…

Have you got your decorations up yet?

Katie x