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Meet the Designer

Warning: photo heavy post AND gorgeous jewellery – prepare to drool. I was kindly invited to Fenwick’s Meet the Designer event on Saturday where I had the chance to peruse some fab jewellery and accessories companies, as well as meet their designers/team. I have to start with ChloBo first, having heard amazing things about this brand before (pictured above). I was excited to see the collection in person and to also meet with the brains behind ChloBo, Chloe Moss. Chloe was great fun to chat with (and put up with my millions of questions and also let me take a picture of her arm candy – because LOOK AT IT).

She really is the epitome of a ‘girl boss’ and I loved her story about how ChloBo started and where she finds inspiration. The idea formed while Chloe was travelling in Bali, and she is still an advocate of going to places far and wide and complete disconnecting from modern life – something that’s pretty rare for us these days with all the technology about! She also tries to source as much as possible from Bali, which is such a nice touch.


Chloe’s bohemian spirit is definitely reflected in her designs, which feature healing and calming stones such as moonstone and blue lace agate stone (which are the prettiest pastel colours) and spiritual symbols such as Hamsa hands, evil eyes and lotus flowers in one of my favourite collections, Maya’s Light. The Pearl collection is another favourite of mine – so soft and pretty! Chloe was telling me you can mix and match the different metals, colours and styles from different collections to create your own personalised look, which is fab (especially if you’re indecisive like me).



I also had the pleasure of looking over some gorgeous Edblad jewellery, which really focused on simple, high quality designs but for decent prices (no seriously, I had my eye on the rose gold hoops and expected them to be at least £60 and they were only £31). Again, I oohed and aahed over everything rose gold – the blogger’s favourite, right?! I’m quite a minimalist kinda gal so I really liked the simple circle designs. SCMYK was another Swedish jewellery brand at the event and I absolutely love the fun, bright, summery feel of their jewellery, from bold patterned bracelets to sassy tassel earrings. It immediately reminded me of being on holiday, sipping on a pina colada!

Emily Mortimer

As if I wasn’t already in jewellery heaven, I also had a chat with Emily from Emily Mortimer, a high end jewellery shop featuring lots of statement pieces with gorgeous gemstones. I especially loved the bangles and the gemstone stacked rings pictured above, perfect for a subtle statement piece. We spoke about how jewellery shopping is becoming more and more popular online and Emily was explaining how she’s taken more of a digital presence with her jewellery, featuring it on sites like

Lisa Taylor

I loved the variety shown at the Meet the Designer event. Lisa from Lisa Taylor was an inspiring lady to talk to, creating her own line from recycled vintage saris after having previously worked for companies like Warehouse and Oasis. No two items are the same and Lisa puts a modern twist on the recycled saris, like the AMAZING bomber jacket pictured above. I also dropped by to speak to the girls at Astley Clarke who had some pretty bracelets on show and some cute gemstone jewellery, including little stud earrings which, being a minimalist, I loved.
I had a fab afternoon (if you couldn’t already tell) and it was lovely to meet the people behind the brands. It’s interesting to hear about their inspirations and how they have got to where they are today – probably helped by the fact I’m super nosey and love finding out about people! I then popped over to the Glow bar to get my eyebrows threaded – I’ve been going there for about three years now and love it. Marina is such an eyebrow wizard, how she tames my caterpillars is beyond me. I also got given a gorgeous goodie bag at the event and I’m currently delving in to the Jo Malone goodies as we speak. Thanks for having me Fenwick!
Katie x
P.S. This post is in collaboration with Fenwick Colchester but views, opinions, photos and general ramblings are all my own.