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Lazy Sunday

Life update time! I’m not exactly one for chatting about life on my blog, I like to just tootle along and get on with things. However my radio silence across social media and the blog means we are probably long overdue a catch up! My boyfriend and I moved from our little rented flat in town and are now the proud owners of a little two bed house out in a rural village. I’m a country girl at heart, so it’s absolute bliss. Our weekends and evenings are filled with adult stuff like putting up blinds (it took us four and a half hours to put up ONE BLIND. We are really not made for DIY), putting tables together and we’ve practically been living in Homebase and B&Q for the past few weeks. They even know us by name!

The actual moving house was quite fun and not as stressful as I thought it would be. Although spending days without internet meant my EE bill was through the roof and I had a nightmare trying to find some socks as I’d packed them all away. (Top tip: LABEL YOUR BOXES). We have also  spent our evenings creating a filing system for everything house related and updating my trusty spreadsheet. WELCOME TO ADULTHOOD! That said, we are very happy and settled, even if we can’t remember what it was like to chill. I have so many episodes of Riverdale to catch up on so I’m avoiding Twitter as much as I can – no spoilers please!

We’re loving geometric patterns and texture to add some warmth to our teal and grey colour scheme

I’ve included a couple of sneak peeks above but I’m hoping to write/film a house tour if anyone is as nosey as I am about interiors! We were pretty lucky as we chose a new build so had the chance to pick out our kitchen, bathroom and flooring which was not only fun as we got to channel our inner Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen, but it was great as we got to personalise our house and have it decorated before we moved in. Definitely a stress we wanted to avoid! I’m still getting used to the new house – whilst it feels so homely, it is so much quieter than living in town, plus I’m getting such a workout now that we have stairs after three years of living in a flat!

I have a few outfit shoots coming up in the next few weeks so I promise to get back to the fashion side of blogging. Just as soon as I’ve finished being a proper adult boarding out the loft, sorting out the garden and building some more flatpack furniture! Hope you’re having a lovely weekend and enjoying this sunshine – can we just appreciate that spring is definitely on its way!

Katie x