Milkshake: Incredible Milk

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they’re like…what’s that amazing smell? And I’m like, that’s MY MILKSHAKE. Sorry, it had to be done. You can’t talk about a product called Milkshake without a Kelis reference somewhere. This stuff has recently become my holy grail. I don’t often have a natter about beauty products but this one is so awesome and does exactly what it says it does – got to love a product that does that.
I picked this up from my hairdressers a few weeks ago. It’s called Milkshake ‘Incredible Milk’ and is a leave-in conditioning treatment. I’ve never been the sort to go for leave-in conditioners but after having a chat with my hairdresser, he recommended it for my terribly damaged hair (no more straighteners for me!) 
After a few weeks using it after every wash (and also in between washes to smooth any frizziness) I can already feel a difference in my hair. It feels thicker, less frizzy and way more glossy. It also smoothes down my flyaways which is perfect as they’re the one thing I really hate about my hair. I had been using a cheap Argan Oil and Coconut Milk which smelt great but didn’t actually do anything for my dry and damaged hair.
All you need is a little spritz as it’s quite thick, so it seems to last quite a while! I’ve tried finding places to buy it online and Amazon seems to be the main place. Sorry for the essay, but this product really deserves all the hype I’m giving it!
Have you tried anything from the Milkshake range?
Katie x