Seeking Sunday


Creme Egg Brownies

Chocolate. Heaven. Literally can’t tell you how good these brownies are! They’re a bit calorific but it’s Easter and it has creme eggs in so it’s allowed. I’m well known for my baking fails, in fact it rarely goes well, but these are so quick  ...

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fashion, jewellery

Black Leather

iPhone case c/o Case Hut. Erm, hello black leather! How amazing is this case? I’ve been looking for the perfect iPhone case for a while now and found this beauty courtesy of Case Hut. I wanted something glam but simple and this definitely ticks the boxes with  ...

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Lumie: My new best friend

Introducing my new best friend, Lumie. This little ray of sunshine is my favourite thing in the world right now. I know right, bold statement. It’s a known fact that I hate winter and dark mornings are my idea of hell – I literally have to be turfed out of bed.  ...

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