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Lumie: My new best friend

Introducing my new best friend, Lumie. This little ray of sunshine is my favourite thing in the world right now. I know right, bold statement. It’s a known fact that I hate winter and dark mornings are my idea of hell – I literally have to be turfed out of bed.  ...

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V FEEEEST! I had the best time here on Saturday. Did anyone else go? I’d never been to a big festival before and it was everything I had hoped it would be. I saw Kodaline who were amazing live and really got the crowd going. Huge love for their talent and their  ...

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SKIN: Holiday Prep

Have I mentioned I’ve been on holiday?! I’m sure it’s all I’m talking about at the moment. Before going on holiday, I always do a ton of prep to get my skin ready for the sunshine and to avoid peeling AT ALL COSTS. No way am I losing a tan I only just  ...

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EAT: Avocado and Chicken Mini Pizzas

A super quick healthy (ish) lunch – pretty cheap to make too! I’ve become obsessed with avocado and it goes so well with chicken. I love filling lunches as it stops my terrible 3pm snacking habits (where I eat anything and everything within reach). What Avocado  ...

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