Hello and Happy New Year! I’ve taken a bit of time off from blogging over Christmas to spend time with family, step away from the screen a bit more and well, this week has been all about getting back to the swing of things…mainly 6am starts. Wah. I’m sat here in my reindeer onesie (yes, I fully plan on wearing it all year round) thinking about 2017 and the year ahead.

2017 has left me feeling incredibly grateful. 2016 for me, like many other people, was a crappy year and I couldn’t wait to start afresh. I was in a job that really wasn’t for me to the point where it really impacted on my happiness and my confidence, we lost my uncle which was a difficult time for us, and we were living in a rented flat that we had really outgrown and was falling apart at the seams.

2017 in comparison, was a mad year. But blissfully mad. It was so full. We moved in to our new house after waiting for a year since putting our deposit down. We’re out in the countryside now and I finally feel like I can breathe again! I’m such a country bumpkin – towns and cities make me feel so suffocated. Our house is small but it’s ours and I’m beyond grateful for this little space we can call our own. After moving down to Essex/Suffolk four years ago, I finally feel like it’s home.

I started a new job which I love. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way about a workplace but I finally feel settled – the people, the company/brand, I feel like my heart is really in it and of course the never ending cake certainly helps. I wrote a post about how life changes when you find a job you love. NEVER GIVE UP! FIND YOUR HAPPY PLACE!

A big Prosecco-filled cheers also to the new friendships, old friendships and adventures 2017 brought. From Valencia to Portugal to Prague, I definitely explored my fair share of the globe last year with some wonderful people. Travel is incredible and since overcoming my fear of flying two years ago, I feel like I’ve been playing catch up for all the years I was too scared to explore. Never, ever let your fears win 🙌🏻

And to top it off, Nathan only went and blummin’ proposed in the summer. After seven years together it was the best surprise even if, like the oblivious idiot I am, I did nearly cock up the proposal! I also started Spanish lessons, which I’ve been wanting to do for years, started a fitness regime (okay I haven’t been in 3 weeks but it was Christmas, don’t judge!) and started working on some awesome brand collaborations on The Stylinguist, which felt like a huge step forward for my little blog!

So 2018, we have high hopes for you. No pressure. Our wedding in the summer, a trip to Venice in March, hen do in June and we’re finally getting to see Harry Potter in the theatre which I’m buzzing about. Oh and we should probably squeeze a honeymoon in there too at some point. It’s going to be another mad year and I’m probably (definitely) going to be pulling my hair out, but here’s hoping we create some epic memories in the process. I think 2019 will have to be a chill out year!

Last year, I wrote a post about my goals/tweaks. I’ve stopped doing resolutions or ‘new year, new me’ as it feels unattainable and I always fall at the first hurdle. Instead, I try to pick a few small goals or lifestyle improvements. I ticked quite a few off last year and there are others I didn’t achieve but hey, progress is progress, right? My plan for 2018 is:

  • Make more time for family and friends
  • Take each day as it comes, stress a bit less
  • Enjoy the little things and don’t feel guilty for putting your feet up once in a while (anyone else struggle to relax? I always feel like I should be doing something!)
  • Less screen time in the evenings – I’ve started doing this and honestly, it’s been making such a difference to my sleep
  • If it doesn’t go to plan, change the plan. I’m a stickler for a list, a routine or a plan, sometimes you just have to fly by the seat of your pants, as they say.

So guys and girls, here’s wishing you a happy and healthy 2018. Do you have any goals you want to achieve this year?

Katie x