It’s a ruffle thing

Hola! Remember me?! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve shown my face round here. It’s that age old excuse of ‘life got in the way’ with a little bit of ‘I’m on a spending ban’. Last weekend was my first chilled weekend in…possibly a few months. And it was utter bliss. I love being busy and having full weekends to look forward to, but my God it was so nice to take some proper time out. Ever since our engagement almost a month ago, it’s been pretty full on with getting a date and venue sorted. I never thought we’d be the couple to get planning straight away but we’ve been together seven years and we got so excited when we found our dream venue (they had our date and matched our budget!!)

H&M ruffle top | American Eagle jeans (old) | Nike trainers (Nike outlet at Freeport Braintree) | ASOS earrings | Pandora ring

I bought this top on a whim (breaking said spending ban) after trying it on and prancing around the changing room feeling flipping fabulous in all the ruffles. If you’re ever having a crap day, stick on some ruffles and I guarantee you’ll feel like a sassy queen ready to take on the world. I’ll be honest, I’ve had mixed comments on it. I say mixed comments, my mum hates it 😂 I think ruffles/frills are a Marmite sort of thing – you either love them or hate them. I, for one, love them. So any ruffle recommendations, send ’em on over.

Adding to the sassy vibes are these bloody wonderful earrings from ASOS, which have quickly become my go-to earrings for nights out or for adding an edgy vibe in the day. I very rarely treat myself to jewellery – no idea why! (Okay, maybe it’s because I treat myself to food, clothes and more food and then end up skint…that could be something to do with it).

Other life updates for you: Pinterest has become my new best friend for dreamy wedding photos that I’ll probably never be able to recreate, Digestive Thins are incredibly more-ish and my most recent food obsession, and we’re heading to Prague next week so I’ve been learning some Czech – Ahoy!

Katie x