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Southwold in a day

Adnams Brewery Tour

Hola amigos, it’s been a while hasn’t it? I feel like I’m drowning in a sea of to-do lists at the moment but on the plus side, I’m ticking quite a lot off (not a bad feeling!) We spent a day in Southwold on Saturday and admittedly we picked probably the worst weather to go in. Wind, rain, freezing cold = lovely. I was in a permanent state of ‘drowned rat’ which was v.v. attractive but we made the most of it.

We had bought my papa the Adnams brewery tour for his Christmas present so headed over late morning. Southwold is only about an hour from us yet it’s somewhere I’ve never been before and I’m asking myself why?! It’s such a stunning, quaint town and I can’t wait to head back when the sun is shining. The high street is teeming with cute cafes, independent restaurants and quirky boutiques. Sadly I didn’t get to do much shopping (cry face) but I did sample my fair share of food and drink.


Cafe Fifty-One Southwold

We had a wander down the high street when we arrived, after finding a free car park! Which made me very happy as, no surprise, I had zero change on me. We visited Cafe Fifty-One for lunch as I’d read some reviews saying they had a good range of gluten free food, which they did. I went for their squash and sweet potato soup with gluten free bread – the family had sausage sandwiches, salads and mushrooms on toast. With full bellies, we headed over to the Adnams brewery tour. We were exceptionally early (very unusual for me!) so popped in to The Swan for a drink and YOU GUYS, the decor was so swoon-worthy. 

The Swan Southwold

Since we’ve been back, I’ve looked at their food and hotel rooms online – which look insane by the way. I mean, it’s a couple of hundred for a night but totally worth it for a superking sized bed, brightly coloured chesterfield sofas and big dreamy windows. Think of the photos!

After the tour we went to the Adnams cafe as it was part of their shop. I was borderline hangry again (doesn’t take much) and to my surprise they had some gluten free cakes including a pecan and walnut tart. We also stocked up on brownies and shortbread for the drive home.

Adnams Brewery Tour and shop

The tour was really good and that’s from someone who isn’t an avid beer fan. It lasted about an hour and our tour guide Stacey was fab and made it really interesting. There was plenty to have a nose at and we finished in the tasting room which was like HELLO beer. They definitely weren’t stingy and let us try loads of different beers, ales and lagers.

As mentioned earlier, I’m not a huge beer fan and a few left me pulling some weird and wonderful faces BUT I found some firm favourites guys and girls! The Early Grey lager was bloomin’ lovely and so refreshing as was the new cucamelon beer (launching soon!) It had a cucumber flavour that reminded me of a Pimms and lemonade which would be perfect in the summer. And my final favourite was the Flat White Porter which was coffee flavoured and oh so delicious. The irony is that I really don’t like coffee itself, just coffee flavoured things!

Adnams beer tasting

If you’re a beer lover, I would definitely recommend the brewery tour and if you’re open-minded I would also recommend going along and giving it a try! I never thought I would find any beers/lagers that I actually liked (although I was basing my opinion my Bud drinking teenage years so…)

We popped in to the Adnam’s shop after the tasting session to get our free bottle of beer, taste some of their spirits and to stock up on the essentials. We must’ve been such a sight walking out the shop with armfuls of gin, vodka and a plethora of beer! I’d like to say it was a wild Saturday night but we got home, went for an Italian and we were tucked up in bed by 11pm. We know how to party.

Next time

I definitely plan on going back to Southwold when it’s nice enough weather to visit the beach and sit outside with some fish and chips. I also plan on visiting some of the boutiques and shops and definitely need to head to Two Magpies Bakery – I was practically licking the window as we walked past on Saturday…

Have you been to Southwold? Where would you recommend?

Katie x

 *Remember guys and girls, drink responsibly and all that.