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The Homeware Edit

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this on the blog yet, but Nathan and I bought a little house last year and finally get to move in next month! I’ve kept it fairly quiet just in case the date gets pushed back (always the pessimist) but we now have a definite move in date and the excitement and planning can begin! (Let’s just pretend I haven’t been spending every evening on Pinterest). We’re really excited to finally move in after years of renting and a year of waiting for our house, so I’ve taken this opportunity to obsess over homeware. I think my boyfriend is slowly getting fed up of curtain samples turning up in the post every week! I’ve always loved homeware and home accessories, so now is the perfect time to indulge in some of the home trends I’ve had my eye on. We decided to go for dove grey walls, so of course rose gold, copper and white accessories are all on my wish list. I did try to talk the boyfriend in to dusty pink curtains but I think that was pushing it too far! *Sigh*

I think the hardest thing is to get a balance of Pinterest-worthy interiors, budget and comfort! I love some of the minimal monochrome rooms but I also know we’re both a sucker for a cosy interior too, so I think our house is going to be a mixture…so we’ll see how that turns out! I might post a house tour once we’re settled in. For now, I’ve just been piling together mood boards and screenshotting dreamy interiors (honestly, my phone is full of pictures of other people’s homes…that’s not weird, is it?)
The Metallics Edit
Oh my. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t like rose gold and copper?! If so, shame on you, we’re no longer friends. I’m kidding. I do love this home trend though and I think it will go really well with dove grey walls – if Pinterest and Instagram are anything to go by! I like the way rose gold and copper add some warmth to rooms too as well as throwing in some glam vibes. Here are a few of my top picks (I’m thinking that tray would be perfect for make up storage!)

Image of rose gold and copper home accessories
The Light Edit
Lamps, glorious lamps! I never thought I would enjoy shopping for lights as much as I have. I think this is a real bonus to being an adult – screw the bills and working 9-5, I get to go lamp shopping! I can’t work out if that sounds really sad or not? Probably. I’m really loving some of the tripod styles and the industrial trends at the moment. I’m quite a fan of mixing and matching different styles and various metals – probably because I’m the most indecisive person on the planet. Take a look at my favourites below. 

The White Edit
White just seems to look so good with grey, don’t you think? I quite like the simplicity and cleanliness of it, it feels almost Nordic/Scandinavian (IKEA I’m looking at you). As I’ve mentioned, we’re suckers for a cosy home and I was worried white accessories might make it look a bit too minimalistic for our taste, however throwing in some texture and patterns definitely adds some cosy, homely vibes! Now, just to convince my boyfriend that we definitely some white faux fur cushions and some cute, whimsical tea cups…

Image of white home accessories

Let me know what you think of my picks – I almost created a marble inspiration board too as I’m currently on the hunt for a marble tray and some coasters so if you see any, link me please!

Katie x