8 things that annoy me about blogging

Image of blogging set up

Woah there. Let’s just start things off by saying 1) soz for the negative sounding title, I’m hoping this will be more of a relatable post with a few lols thrown in here and there, rather than down in the dumps negative Nelly type post. And 2) there’s a lot I love about blogging. A LOT. Maybe I’ll follow up with a list of my fave things…I’m also aware I haven’t shown my face on here in a while. Sorry for that! (Or maybe you’re enjoying not seeing my mug everyday, who knows?!) Life has been busy and I’m on a spending ban. I know right, say a prayer for me.

1. Taking 500 photos – only for three to turn out okay/actually have my eyes open/not be pulling a bizarre face.

2. Weather and seasons – a best friend or a blogger’s nightmare. I’m dreading winter, mainly because I wrap up in so many layers I look like a potato, plus it’s dark by 4pm and winter in the UK doesn’t equal cute snow pics but days of greyness and rain. Sounds photogenic, right?

3. People assuming you’re doing it for the freebies – just no. ‘Freebies’ are the product of working hard, creating good content, good brand relationships and having an actual interest in the topic you’re talking about. More and more readers are seeing through fake, dishonest, freebie-begging, bot-using blogs and thank God for that. Some of us blog because it’s what we love and what we enjoy doing. I don’t receive a huge about of freebies or sponsored posts, but the ones I do are from hard work and with brands I love.

4. People assuming you want to be a full-time blogger – I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s amazing when fellow bloggers make it big and go full-time, but I love my job, where I work and being in a team. I’m not sure I could, or would want to go it alone…for starters, if I worked from home everyday I would probably get distracted by Netflix and our snack cupboard…

5. Never having enough storage on my phone – this is my actual life. I don’t wake up to cute texts but to my phone basically saying ‘you’re never going to hear from anyone ever again because you have no storage’. And there’s no such thing as a spontaneous photo anymore because MY STORAGE IS ALWAYS DAMN FULL. So I have to ask everyone to sit tight for a sec while I delete a ton of photos (usually of my food, wah) only to be able to take one photo. Anyone out there feel my pain? It’s okay guys, I’ve only got another six months before I can upgrade *cries*.

6. People judging your blog pic from five years ago – yes that was a combover fringe, yes my hand was superglued to my hip and yes I liked ugly chunky shoes, ‘kay? The only reason I keep half of them on my blog is, admittedly so I can go back and have it little laugh at my own expense, but also to see how far I’ve come (well okay, at least the combover is gone…)

7. Constant chat about followers – it’s not all about the numbers. I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record here, but people come on, followers aren’t everything. I’m a firm believer (probably because of my marketing background) that engagement is key. The number of people reading and engaging with your content and CTR (click-through rates) mean much more. Especially with all the bots and follow-unfollow malarkey.

8. Being terrible at deleting old photos – I’m not sure this is exclusive to blogging, but I’m blaming blogging anyway. Ladies and gents, I’ve become a hoarder. A hoarder of photos. I have memory cards upon memory cards, hardrives full of blog pics, USBs and my desktop has so many folders it’s like a constant game of Where’s Wally. I feel like I need to launch a military-style operation to clear them out. Who’s up for helping?!

Also, if you follow me on social media you’ll notice Nathan and I had some exciting news last week…we’re getting flipping married! I’m the hardest person to surprise (I almost always suss it out) but I was so shocked and absolutely over the moon! So if you want an engagement-type post let me know, any questions comment below/tweet me and I’ll do an engagement Q&A, and finally, if you know of any bloggers who’ve posted about weddings PLEASE send me links as I seriously need all the inspiration/help I can get.

Katie x