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This month I’m loving…GHD Creative Curl & Naked2 palette

I’m back! It’s been a couple of weeks, unfortunately I managed to get a bad dose of food poisoning so blogging has been a no-go. I’ve pretty much spent most of my time sleeping and luckily felt better for my birthday yesterday…NO WAY would I let myself miss out on cake. Presents and some celebrating definitely perked me up after a lousy week and I’m particularly obsessed with my new GHD Creative Curl Wand and Naked2 eye palette. 
I had a play with these yesterday to make myself feel a bit more glam and less like I’ve been in a duvet burrito for the past 5 days. First thoughts on the curling wand? Pretty amazing. I love the beachy, loose curls it creates and it’s so speedy to use – I curled my whole head in under 10 mins. It’s a bit fiddly at first and I did burn a finger or two when I started but this is definitely going to become a hair staple for me – I’ll upload some pics when my hair is looking less like a birds nest!
I’ve had my eye on the Naked2 eye palette for a while now and was so pleased when I unwrapped this beauty. I was never too fussed for eyeshadow but I’ve been having a play recently and love a gentle smokey eye. This palette has so many amazing, blendable shades – Booty Call and Tease are the winning two for me at the moment. Review and photos to come soon! 
Have you tried either of these products?
Katie x