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V FEEEEST! I had the best time here on Saturday. Did anyone else go? I’d never been to a big festival before and it was everything I had hoped it would be. I saw Kodaline who were amazing live and really got the crowd going. Huge love for their talent and their beautiful songs. I then saw Foxes in the Arena Tent – so much energy and always so spot on with her fashion! We were lucky enough to stumble across a small acoustic set with Foxes later that evening – her voice is perfection especially when stripped back on an acoustic set (check out my Insta for videos and photos).  

I finally saw Bastille who I’ve been listening to for YEARS since before they got on the radio. I’ve never got round to seeing them live, always missing out on tickets by minutes. All the waiting paid off though and their set was incredible with the whole crowd singing along and Dan bouncing around the stage with boundless energy. Ed Sheeran and Mr Timberlake put an amazing finish to the best day.

I can’t believe how tired I was from all the walking and bouncing around?! I wore my trusty Boohoo bomber, ASOS leather bumbag (these are the best invention for festivals – so hassle free), Topshop denim shorts and Primark slouch tee and boots (these boots were a Godsend – definitely my festival staple from now on!)

Things I’d recommend? 

VIP. We upgraded at last minute and it was the best decision ever – no queues for toilets, more toilets (nicer too), loads of places to sit, eat and drink AND there were hammocks for an in-between-gigs snooze. 
Wet wipes. After two taps exploding and drenching me, I was pretty happy that we’d bought wet wipes with us. Plus, their perfect for getting rid of saucy fingers (from sauce, obvs). 
Mophie phone case. Basically charges your phone when you run out of battery – definitely needed it after taking lots of photos! 
Bottle of water for the way in. We were stood in a very long, hot queue in the sunshine for over an hour. SO THIRSTY.

Katie x